“So to be honest, the girls are actually doing well with it,” said Tamika Hall to the AmNews. “It was pull and tug in the a.m. on the first day but they are doing pretty good so far. Their schedules flow and they are busy up until the end at 2 p.m. We are having some tech issues but thanks to my computer knowledge, I put on my IT hat to troubleshoot.”

Hall began remote-learning classes with her kids this week after months of work amid tragedy. Now it’s finally here and she’s ready to bear the fruits of her labor.

On Monday, Sept. 14, teachers at P.S. 63 on the Lower East Side marched and protested against the reopening of schools claiming that the building, which is shared by both The Neighborhood School and STAR Academy, isn’t suitable for any classes during COVID-19. During inspections however, the city officials said the facility was ventilated enough for classes to begin.

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