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Ten of the nation’s leading Black publishers have come together to reimagine the Black press in America.

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What is Word in Black?

Why is this important?

Solutions to racial inequities in America should start with the Black press. This new kind of collaborative makes this possible. It also opens up the door to a whole new way of thinking when it comes to news collaboratives. Currently these partnerships are largely geographically structured for obvious reasons – but why limit ourselves? Might this kind of collaboration lead to lots of other opportunities for our industry and the funders who are increasingly supporting journalism? We certainly think so.

What is the first topic to be tackled?

The publishers are focused on the impact of COVID on K-12 education in Black communities. Two major funders have come through to provide the resources to produce this kind of journalism. 

How can you help?

Click here for General donations. Larger funders or those who wish to fund a specific topic can contact Local Media Association CEO Nancy Lane.