It’s a rainy Friday fall morning and T’wina Nobles, President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League, and her nine-year old son make their way to their respective corners of the living room – he at a kids’ table set up as his workspace for school, she on her couch where she’s prepping for an all-day virtual board retreat.

Nobles, a candidate for State Senate, who also serves on the board of the University Place School District, takes stock in the relatively quiet morning as her 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter are finishing up assignments in other rooms in the house.

Having worked from home since the Shelter in Place orders began in March, Nobles says the biggest issue in getting her children ready for the school year was, unsurprisingly, technical. Her children had a hard time accessing their online classes and felt a little overwhelmed because it would sometimes take 12 minutes to get into a class period.

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