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‘COVID in Color’ Docuseries Reveals Racial Disparities

New docuseries examines how Covid-19 decimated African American communities.

This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle

Many things have come to light in the last year with COVID-19.

Metro Detroit writer, producer, and director Royal Jackson wants to bring even greater understanding of the pandemic and how racial disparities with the coronavirus touched the Black community in more ways than one, Fox 2 reported.

Jackson, as many others have found, that the COVID-19 virus has brought out issues like racial disparities in practically every aspect that one could think of, which will be discussed in his Detroit-based docuseries “Covid in Color.”

“The first installment of the docuseries is really a pilot and it sets the tone as to why things are the way they are and a bigger scope of what is happening in the community,” he said in the article.

His series shows how the virus impacted people of color when it comes to education system, economy, insurance, and access to medical care, per the story.

“I believe that COVID has opened the wounds even more and I’m hoping people will see that we don’t want to forget the community, and continue to support the community and even more so I hope the community sees the documentary and get inspired to get back up and fight again,” he said in the article

The series is looking to air this spring and still wrapping up the series.

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