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By Sherri Kolade

You’ve probably already seen it.

Men and women (some in heels) precariously walking across a stack of crates ranging in various heights — and if they successfully climb across without falling they win. But some have faltered, wobbled, and fell from those ascending and descending crates — quite a few with physical injuries.

The newest social media craze, the crate challenge, however, is causing some problems as people wanting some online fame wound up footing the hospital bill instead, FOX 2 reported.

The milk crate challenge includes walking across a tall stack of milk crates.

“They’re all landing like on their chest and abdomen, which is very concerning,” said Dr. Crystal Arthur in the article. “If you dislocate your shoulder at 22, you’re probably going to have issues when you’re 65.”

YouTubers JC and ANT led the way in bringing the viral challenge home to Detroit, according to the article, with people filming the challenge on the east side.

“As soon as we posted, 200 shares, quick, like everybody wanted to do it,” JC said in the story. “We are in Detroit, everybody tough out here, you feel me? It’s all fun.”Read the full story here.

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