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By AJ Williams, Michigan Chronicle Managing Editor

The definition of Incognito is having one’s true identity concealed, and although the title of the upcoming event with the ladies of BLK Sapote, it speaks true to their brand, mission, and most importantly, their clientele.

The duo of learners and educators both with backgrounds in health and wellness, Courtnie Pierce and Ashley Parks have dived into a partnership that not only cultivates curated experiences for a discerning customer but also a well-defined educational space where you can understand the true properties of cannabis through their events and tea suite experiences.

Herein lies the mission of BLK Sapote, which also has a meaning of being different, unknown, and applies to an exotic fruit that what you find on the inside doesn’t match your expectation from its outside appearance — to create a lane that affords a real opportunity for alternatives, enjoyment, investment, and systemic change within the cannabis community.

The brand’s clientele is open to all but niched towards the professional black women 35+ who need what Pierce’s call an assist without guilt.

“Our client’s are women 35 and up, the professional women, the multi-tasked woman, the mother, Black women who have taken on a lot. We’re not typical in a space to say I need a moment or an assist, and we should be okay to say that and understand how cannabis with education can assist with our wellness and there doesn’t have to be guilt associated with it,” said Pierce.

Outside of the events, one way for BLK Sapote clients can experience the assist is through the practice of setting a “tea suite” intention of what you want to experience when using their teas, according to Parks.

“You sip with purpose, with Enhancement, you may want to enhances the intimacy between you and your partner. Our ritual intention is the regular daily users, especially for our generations, we’re right now taking care of other people, our families, our jobs and our minds are always running, and Ritual allows us to slow down a little and have that moment for us. And Solace is for your own space, solitude, just needed to be with you.”

Parks continues, “When you think about who we are as women and what we need, each of these intentions speak to all sides.”

The importance of speaking to the needs of Black women and how cannabis can assist on an as-needed or daily practice and the education behind it being taught, promoted, and having a business by Black women is crucial in the product meeting the very specific need of Black women.

By continuing to educate and tear down the stereotypes — Black women are opening up to the benefits thought BLK Sapote and their events — including their upcoming INCOGNITO, which Pierce describes as an elevated sensory immersion elevated cannabis experience.

The libations, teas, food, music, and conversation are set to elevate the experience and educate the customer through experiencing.

“It’s about, exposing our clients and those who are curious or my in the past have an experience tripping out, to come experience cannabis curated on your specific needs, tasted, comfortability leaving you in control.”

BLK Sapote’s INCOGNITO event takes place Saturday, September 18, from 2 PM to 4 PM. To purchase tickets, teas or to learn more about BLK Sapote and to get educated on a personally curated experience follow them on Instagram @blksapote or visit

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