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War on women

It’s almost fall, y’all. So you know that means we have to roll back the clock. Well, here in Texas we got a jump start – rolling back the clock 50 years. I know we do everything big in Texas. I didn’t know that included screwing up. But here we are….a group of white men (with sprinkles of white women co-signing this foolishness) is telling women what to do with their bodies. This isn’t a debate on abortion. I’m not wading in that pool. Take a look at the above picture. This is about having that group (where less than 5 of them can even get pregnant), deciding what’s best for a pregnant woman. It’s an all-out assault on women’s rights. When the penalty for aborting after rape is more severe than the penalty for rape, that’s when you know it’s a war on women. Here’s a thought. Vasectomies are reversible. Make men have vasectomies and you won’t have to deal with abortions. Problem solved. But yeah, look at the picture again. You think those dudes would do anything like that???? It’s simply insane that you would mandate that a 15 year old girl should have a baby, even in rape or incest, no matter what she wants, but we should “respect what she wants” when it comes to wearing a mask. The logic is baffling. #StayOutMyWomb

Governor gone mad

Speaking of baffling….Gov. Greg Abbott is trying real hard to appeal to the crazy-Trumpsters because his latest explanation when asked “What about women who were raped who want to have an abortion?” This man actually said that’s not going to be an issue because “Texas is working to eliminate rapists.” Eliminate. Rapists. While you’re at it, can you eliminate murderers, thieves, child abusers, these fat cells on my hips? I mean, let’s get it all! (Insert serious eye roll). Oh, and let’s not forget Senate Bill 1. It’s law now. The Dems put up a good fight to stall it, but the fact remains, we don’t come out to vote in midterms so the legislative deck is stacked against us. Now, there’s all kinds of efforts to try to keep folks – primarily people of color from the polls. Thankfully,  before Abbott could even put his name on the dotted line signing the bill into law, nearly two dozen organizations filed lawsuits. Who knows if it’ll work. But the GOP has been on a mission to stop the expansion of voter rights following what they claim to be mass voter fraud in the 2020 elections, despite there being no evidence of voter fraud. Dems need to keep up the fight – keep the pressure on Congress to begin acting on voting rights legislation, including the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Keep up the pressure, period. Oh, and somebody get Stacey Abrams on the line to come to Texas to rev up voters like she did in Atlanta. We need to show the GOP that all the tactics in the world still wont work.

Gimme a Facebook break

Facebook has apologized after a video featuring Black men was classified as a video featuring “primates” by the social network’s artificial intelligence software, the latest of several examples of anti-Black bias in A.I. and facial recognition. Several Facebook users, after watching a Daily Mail video of Black men being harassed by a white man, were reportedly sent an automated message asking if they would like to “keep seeing videos about Primates.” After being made aware of the issue, the company disabled the A.I. feature responsible for the message and is investigating it for errors. Studies have revealed racial biases embedded into a number of A.I. and facial recognition systems, specifically that the technology is not designed to identify Black facial features as accurately as white features, leading to instances of misidentification and even wrongful imprisonment. As someone who just got out of Facebook jail because that artificial intelligence takes stuff out of context, FB needs to go back to the techonological drawing board. Because “Sorry” doesn’t fix these mistakes.