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By AFRO Staff

The jury selection for the trial of three White men charged with the slaying of 25-year old Ahmaud Arbery began on Oct. 20.  

Last February, Arbery was jogging through a Georgia neighborhood when he was confronted by Greg and Travis McMichael, father and son, in an altercation that ended with the fatal shooting of Arbery. 

The video’s two month post-incident release instantly sparked national outrage, with the Black community pleading for justice. Arbery’s brother started a campaign called Run With Maud in honor of his brother for others to join the fight against racial injustice.  

Thea Brooks, a relative of the victim, called the killing a “modern-day lynching,” according to the Associated Press and plans to join the rest of the family as the trial begins. `

The selection process could last for about two weeks or more before the trial begins.

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