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Wedding expert Jennifer Pointer, and Roses are Red Events LLC proprietor, recently acquired a nearly two-decades-old magazine, Premier Bride.

Premier Bride provides tips, inspirations and a curated list of high-quality vendors that Pointer hopes to make even more inclusive.

Pointer, a wedding-florist-turned-bridal-magazine-franchisee, took over the popular Michigan-based magazine this past spring when the previous owner retired. Pointer, who has advertised in the magazine since 2008, decided to not let the magazine retire, as well.

“I never thought years later I would be the owner,” she told the Michigan Chronicle. “I have close ties with the magazine… and was featured in the magazine.”

Pointer also said that it was important for her to take the opportunity to build up the magazine while helping small businesses and wedding vendors access cost-effective advertising.

Premier Bride Magazine is a nine-city publication that provides an inside look at all the makings of a resplendent wedding.

The magazine can be found at any wedding-related store or place, bridal shows, bridal dress shops, bridal salons, jewelry stores and venues in and around Detroit.

Premier Bride, which began in 1987, is a publishing web and marketing group centered around the wedding industry, according to their website.

Pointer added that the magazine is distributed in six counties around the metro Detroit region, and she is helping it stay current with the times by tweaking the format for a “fresh look,” among other things.

“I am adding a useful tool in the back –a wedding planning guide … and then a lot of how-to articles, infographics to help brides and grooms to make [their wedding] memorable,” she said, adding that she will be incorporating more social media elements, too. “Especially for young brides – they love it.”

In this competitive industry, Pointer is also looking for more connectivity and collaboration through partnerships to boost the magazine and involved companies.

“I teamed up with several Black women bridal show producers … they produce several bridal shows in the community where Black people do business,” Pointer said, adding that she is looking to also add more Black vendors to the magazine.

Passionate about maintaining a medium for wedding vendors, who are typically small business owners, to attract clientele, Pointer intends to increase the size of the magazine by creating a consistent brand identity across multiple channels while bolstering the magazine’s social media presence.

Premier Bride Michigan is printed twice a year, January- Winter/Spring and July- Summer/Fall. It is distributed free of cost to brides and grooms looking for the best vendors that will professionally and creatively execute every detail of their upcoming nuptials.

Pointer said that the acquisition was a timely one because the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the wedding industry locally which is made up of mostly mom and pop shops.

Pointer is proud to continue her winning streak as a Black female entrepreneur and intends to uphold the magazine’s reputation as a leader in the industry and give it a modern makeover to attract future brides and grooms.

“[The magazine] is a great way to get the word out there and advertise and connect,” Pointer said, adding that as a Black female entrepreneur in this industry her new magazine will be an important tool used to help give some shine to other small business owners (especially Black women) who are in this industry. “I wanted to leave my footprint for the world and show it can be done.”

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