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Yeah, I feel like everyone carries a gun, and no one knows what’s going to happen, because bullets don’t have a name.


I think gun violence has been normalized in the Black community, which is very sad. The reason why it is so sad is since for some Black people, violence is the only way to resolve problems. In some demographics, at least in instances of those who are in broken neighborhoods and broken families, the only way to achieve closure from tragedy is to cause another person harm. It’s not because they prefer the method, it’s because that is all they were taught through growing up in the conditions that they did. This is just another problem that society and inequity has caused us over generations, and something must be done about it.


I think gun violence is normalized everywhere, but especially in our community. It’s getting ridiculous! Seattle is turning into one of the hotbeds for shootings, something you wouldn’t have thought about 20 years ago!


The Black community is constantly in survival mode. I don’t think all of the Black community accept it! I think everyone wants a safe place to live and a safe environment for their kids. I do think some members of the Black community live in constant fear from gun violence.


Man are you kidding me? I’ve been living a long time, thank God. Man is violent. It don’t matter what color they are. Black community, just like any other community, can stop gun violence, shoot any kind of violence. Just duck and you can survive. The Black community has to change its education and means. Young people, all people need money to survive. The Black community needs to find a way to solve that. That’s a start. Give Black folks something to live for. I don’t think it’s a matter of acceptance, it is what it is.


I don’t think the Black community views gun violence as a normal occurrence. A small percentage of Black citizens use gun violence as a solution, while the majority will seek common ground or unity. These are trying times, but we should continue to expect major growth in our Black community and that small percentage mentioned above, will diminish. Keep the faith.

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