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College should absolutely not be cost free for students for the first 2 years. A 2-year degree at no cost to the student would be great for them, but if it comes at an increased cost to other people, I don’t agree with it. I think it would be a bad idea.


Yes, but they should pay all or subsidize for 2 years. Education is costly and knowing that 2 years are covered more students would apply and ultimately graduate. Praying for Government State or Federal to make this happen.


Colleges should subsidize the first 2 years of school for students, as many students cannot afford to attend school full time, and being in school part time, for an extended period of time can be expensive. I know many of my peers would love to have their first two years of school be cost free, but sadly, I don’t see this happening nationwide anytime soon.


I believe that descendents of slaves should be subsidized, considering that the generational wealth enjoyed by the majority is resultant of Black labor. Also, since Black people experience significantly more discrimination in the workforce I also believe companies should be mandated to hire a certain number if Black people at an unequally high wage.


I think college should be subsidized for the first 2 years. This would greatly benefit students and help them be able to afford a 4-year degree easier. I don’t think the downsides, if there are any, outweigh the negatives.

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