This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle

By Sherri Kolade

Described as birthing movements and amplifying the culture, Black fashion commands attention wherever it goes, and those captivated and transformed by its creators have no choice but to learn from the movement or get out of the way.

Detroit’s African American style scene, no stranger to this movement, carries with it homegrown, legendary fashion lines like Clout Apparel 313 and Détroit Is the New Black to iconic fashion designers like Tracy Reese and Tori Nichel, who are creating lanes of their own.  

Now coming to the fashion lane is Detroit’s own DreSan Sanders with his fashion line and new boutique, DreSan Fashion, located at 3031 W Grand Blvd, Suite 180, nestled on West Grand Boulevard in the New Center area.  

Through his store (slated to open Friday, February 11) he co-owns with his wife Gloria, he is looking to take the fashion game to new heights for men and women.   

From high-end T-Shirts and coats to shoes and fragrances, DreSan Fashion is looking to become a household name, especially since the owner isn’t new to the ever-growing Black fashion scene in Detroit.  

“I’ve been dibbling dabbling in clothing since probably the early 2000s,” Sanders told the Michigan Chronicle while inside his store, which overlooks the bustling scene on West Grand Boulevard and is a stone’s throw away from St. Regis House Apartments. “I had ideas, and then I just wanted to bring forth my designs so the world could see them.” 

Established in January 2015, Sanford’s clothing line initially came from him making T-Shirts and then later created an overall brand that was unique from other high-end fashion brands, according to his biography. Through his mind, Sanders created a marketing plan to make his clothing stand out from any other fashion designer. The brand colors for DreSan are red, black, white and grey, and these colors pop throughout his designs.  

DreSan also specializes in creative hand-stitched, T-Shirts.   

“This is our calling card, but that is not where our creativity ends,” per his website. “We create a variety of clothing and accessories that are one-of-a-kind, elegant and stylish pieces. Our clothes are made from the finest materials, from Italian Leather and Asian Silk to expensive denim and cotton.” 

“We pride ourselves in bringing exceptional quality to our customers. Whenever you see the D logo or Stretched Checkerboard logo you know that you are getting something that will exceed your expectations.”   

The store wants customers to experience the true meaning of its motto, “Defined by Class.”

DreSan Fashion’s many signature pieces include high-end T-Shirts.  Photo courtesy of DreSan Fashion   

DreSan’s, which soft-opened last fall, is looking to bring its best fashion foot forward with an official grand opening while reminding people how Black fashion designers in Detroit hold things down and the importance of making the almighty Black dollar circulate.   

“We provide most of the culture and fashion because, yeah, the higher-end brands you have being bought from everyone but we bring it to the forefront,” Sanford said. “And we bring it to the world and Hip Hop … and especially fashion designers that are in Detroit. I think we’re starting to get a little more recognition now.”  

From recognition to forging business relationships with other Black fashion designers, Sanford also wants to infuse local talent at his shop with fellow native Detroiter Latricesa Myonne, whose fashion line, Latricesa Myonne Fashions, is located inside DreSan’s.  

As a designer for the past 20 years, Myonne’s line, which includes both womenswear and menswear is one that she is proud to showcase with a collection she describes as upscale, urban and demure.  

“I was mostly just website-based,” she said, adding that two Black businesses like hers and DreSan’s is something she is “grateful for.”  

“A dollar within [our businesses] helps us grow as a people and community and uplifts everyone who is in the process,” Myonne said. “The Black dollar funds a lot of things and we really need to band together and stick together and … elevate each other.”  

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