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I feel like I, and other Black women have gained a little more power and representation in the U.S. This is a big step, and even though we do not know who the nominee is yet, I have faith that she will do a great job protecting and upholding the rights of Black people and especially Black women.


I am extremely excited to see what is to come with this new Supreme Court Justice. Black women have for far too long been the most demonized and harmed group in this country, and a Black woman on the Supreme Court would help to combat this at one of the sources. This is a big victory and should be celebrated as such. I never thought I would see the day!


This is a huge deal. Its proof that Black woman have come so far in this country. This will monumentally increase the amount of validity that Black people will have in this country. I love that this is happening, and it is such an inspiration for Black children everywhere to look up to.

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