Young children are sometimes seen and treated as adults by other adults, particularly those who are living in Black and Brown bodies. As part of a fellowship with USC, I’m reporting on whether young Black bodies are deemed more mature and treated as sexual beings, and how often these experiences may occur. You can read more about my project here.  

As part of this project, Word In Black is looking for as many people in the Black community to fill out a quick 2-minute survey about any experiences of being treated differently than others. There are no wrong answers, and you can be kept completely anonymous. Click the link below to fill out the survey. 

Survey: Are young Black bodies treated, viewed, or seen differently than others? 

To be included in this project, please complete the following survey by March 1, 2023. However, this survey will stay open beyond the completion of this project, so please continue to share it with others.  

If you relate to the questions and would like to be interviewed for this story you can email Anissa Durham directly at  

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