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By  Laura Onyeneho

Houston area parents who are interested in schooling options available for their children can join in on the National School Choice Week (NSCW) events starting Saturday, Jan. 21 to 28.

More than 23,000 schools — including 13.7 percent of public-sector K-12 schools and 24.5 percent of private K-12 schools nationwide — are joining forces with educators, and community leaders to empower parents with resources to help navigate their children’s education.

The next few days will feature school fairs, statewide “flagship” celebrations anchored by student performances and testimonials, and school-led events including open houses, parent information nights, and pep rallies.

“Parents today have more choices for their children’s education than at any other time in history. As states continue to expand education options for families, parents need and want practical information about school choice,” said Andrew Campanella, NSCAF’s president and CEO in an official statement. “National School Choice Week meets that demand and helps moms and dads find learning environments where their children can learn, thrive, and succeed –– and we are grateful to partner with so many schools and nonprofits to raise awareness in a positive, energetic, and enthusiastic way that reflects the optimism that parents have for their children’s futures.”

Nearly half of America’s governors are expected to officially proclaim Jan. 22-28 as School Choice Week in their states including Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott continues to double down on his support for school choice legislations. With the hot button topics on anti-LGBTQ curriculum, critical race theory, and the discourse around banning African-American studies courses in schools, the push for more parent involvement has increased overtime and will set the stage for ongoing debates in coming months.

This year, NSCW will also spotlight a new education option available for families, including learning pods and microschooling. Families and nontraditional education leaders are planning to raise awareness of these emerging forms of school choice with a designated day of digital awareness on Jan. 27.

Here are a few events to attend in Houston this week.

The Varnett School Northeast

Houston, TX

(713) 723-4699

The Varnett School Northeast, a charter school in Houston, will have students perform the School Choice Week dance.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Sterling Aviation High School

Houston, TX

(713) 991-0510

Sterling High School, a magnet school in

Houston, will host daily events, including an ice cream social and Aviation Day.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Harmony School Of Excellence – Sugar

Land Elementary

Sugar Land, TX

(281) 866-1887

Harmony School of Excellence Elementary, a charter school in Sugar Land, will host a door decorating contest.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Harmony School of Excellence

Sugar Land, TX

(832) 655-8235

Harmony School of Excellence Middle

School, a charter school in Sugar Land, will host a pep rally.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Academy of Accelerated Learning

Houston, TX

(713) 773-4766

Academy of Accelerated Learning, a charter school in Houston, will have a parade and students will perform the School Choice

Week dance.

Friday, January 27, 2023