This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle

Jabs Gym Eastern Market is bringing a powerful punch to Downtown Detroit and owner Armond Rashad says there’s even more to come. With a focus on feel-good fitness and keeping its members motivated, Jabs Gym Detroit has found a way to bring both community and wellness to the forefront of working out. 

“Most people are focused on business, getting their money right and building a career. It is very important to point out the direct correlation between wellness and living a fuller life.” said Rashad “Physical health and success are directly related. The consistency and dedication to physical health will spill over into the rest of their lives.” 

As many individuals are pushing through the stress of everyday life, self-care is becoming less of a priority and more of an optional rarity. While physical results are a sure motivator to stay encouraged, Rashad says the mental component is just as valuable. 

“The feeling of accomplishment is super important. Working out releases chemicals which make us excited. You could have a down day and after a workout it could turn everything around.” 

Rashad urges everyone to invest in their health by making it a priority. Sticking to a schedule, having a clear set of goals, and incorporating someone who specializes in fitness and health are sure ways to stay on task and feel good inside and out. 

Jabs Gym Detroit. (Courtesy photo)

“We have professionals in every part of our lives. We have dentists, mechanics, accountants and other professionals whose expertise helps our journey. We always move further in life by investing in ourselves.” 

With classes being offered from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m., Jabs Gym Detroit is confident there is a class and time that will fit anyone’s experience and availability. All classes are beginner friendly with options including boxing, weightlifting and yoga. Rashad says the gym prides itself on being inclusive of their members’ individual goals while supporting a group atmosphere.  

In the fight against procrastination, self-doubt and delayed results, Rashad says one way to overcome these negatives is with accountability partners.  

“The main thing that people can do is build a community around their goal. If you insulate yourself with people who want to live a healthy lifestyle, I think that’s the main way to give yourself accountability.” 

Jabs Gym Detroit’s classes promote movement, excitement and most importantly results. The family dynamic and atmosphere give members a place to make life-changing achievements both mentally and physically, all while creating unbreakable bonds.  

New members who are ready for life-changing results can sign up for their first class free. The month of February often comes with even more exciting perks as the gym celebrates Rashad’s birthday. 

“Every February we have a birthday special where you can get 5 classes for the price of my age. February 3rd, I turn 34 years old, so we are offering any 5 classes you want for $34.” 

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