This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle

By Lynzee Mychael

The festive season brings with it a sense of warmth, joy, and the beloved custom of wearing well-coordinated family pajamas. Yet, for Vanessa B. Streeter, CFO of PJs for the Culture, the search for African American representations on holiday sleepwear posed a significant hurdle. Considering this, Vanessa, in collaboration with her son and the company’s CEO, Dallas Streeter, introduced PJs for the Culture in October 2022. Their mission: to inject diversity and cultural representation into the realm of holiday pajamas.

PJs for the Culture. (Courtesy photo)

Vanessa and Dallas identified a gap in the market during their quest for African American figures on Christmas pajamas. The lack of representation led them to create a line that not only celebrated Black Santa but also embraced the richness of Black Christmas culture. PJs for the Culture places a strong emphasis on supporting the Black community at every stage of their business. From choosing a local Black photographer, Tayshaun Campbell, to partnering with African American artist Amiyah Ford for their designs, the mother-son duo is intentional about uplifting their own community.

Vanessa emphasizes the importance of supporting businesses within the community, stating, “As a people, we have to ensure that we’re supporting each other.” PJs for the Culture aims not only to boost the circulation of the Black dollar but also to provide representation that resonates with the community.

The heart of PJs for the Culture lies in its commitment to inclusivity. While highlighting Black Christmas culture, the brand also offers a Hispanic pajama set with “Feliz Navidad” and a collection celebrating Kwanza. The goal is to appeal to various age groups, traditions, and people of color, making PJs for the Culture a true reflection of the BIPOC community.

PJs for the Culture’s ‘Santa Baby’ pajamas, featuring a beautiful Black Santa on the front, quickly became their highest-selling product. Dallas explains the significance of this design,”We have songs about it, but we don’t really see it on apparel too much. So I really wanted to get that across on this piece.”

Beyond the holiday season, PJs for the Culture has ambitious plans. The duo envisions releasing new pajama sets for each holiday, exploring ideas like Valentine’s Day releases and expanding their offerings for children. They are also considering affirmation-based pajamas for younger audiences, promoting positive messages like ‘You are Kings’ and ‘You are Queens.’

PJs for the Culture. (Courtesy photo)

For Vanessa and Dallas, PJs for the Culture is not just a business venture but a family affair. The collaborative nature of their work provides an opportunity for consistent collaboration and creative brainstorming. The joyous atmosphere during their photoshoots and the positive feedback from customers affirm their mission to spread festive vibes and cultural pride.

PJs for the Culture is more than a pajama line; it’s a celebration of diversity, representation, and family. By infusing Black culture into holiday traditions, Vanessa and Dallas Streeter are not only creating stylish and comfortable sleepwear but also fostering a sense of community and pride for families to embrace year after year. To learn more about PJs for the Culture and explore their unique holiday-themed loungewear, visit their website and join the movement for a more inclusive and culturally rich holiday season.