It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Black folks love Keke “Keep a Bag” Palmer. Since 2004 when she made her debut in “Barbershop 2: Back in Business,” she’s stayed booked and busy — and we’re not just talking about her viral “sorry to this man” meme.

Along with racking up dozens of film and television acting credits, Palmer is also an entrepreneur, which makes her a natural fit for Google’s fourth-annual Black-owned Friday shopping campaign.

YouTube video

“I’m always about my business — my Black-owned business,” Palmer coos at the start of a music video-style promotional clip for the campaign. She goes on to sing, “From the back to the middle and around again, I’m gonna be there ’til the end. 100% Black-owned.” Because not only is Palmer promoting Black-owned businesses, but she’s also paying homage to house music queen Crystal Waters’ 1994 smash “100% Pure Love.”

Waters, who turned 62 on Nov. 19, makes an appearance at the end of the clip, dancing and singing alongside Palmer. But the real stars are the Black-owned business owners — and their products — who are featured throughout the nearly three-and-a-half minute-long video. Indeed, as you’ll see when you watch it, the final 30 seconds put the entrepreneurs firmly in the spotlight.

In case folks don’t want to hunt down these businesses on Google, the search engine made a dedicated Black-Owned Friday website, which makes it easy to shop the dozens of businesses featured in the music video — or search for other Black-owned companies.

As Palmer says in the video, “Just search ‘Black-owned business.’ You ain’t gotta be Black to do it. You could be white, brown, beige, fluorescent beige. We here for all the colors of the rainbow!”