Word in Black frames the narrative and fosters solutions for racial inequities in America.

Ten of the nation’s most progressive Black publishers have come together to launch a news collaborative unlike any other in the industry. This group is focused on solutions “by us and for us” when it comes to racial inequities in America. 

Through philanthropic funding, this group will greatly increase their reporting power. They will be able to hire and contract with investigative journalists, data journalists, video producers and more. A central team, led by Nick Charles, will turn their local stories into powerful national stories. Soon, major news outlets will be quoting the work of Word in Black. Solutions will take center stage, igniting change in America. 

At a time when solutions to racial inequities in America are needed more than ever, the Black press is stepping up to be that much-needed voice. 

The first project focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on K-12 education in Black communities across the United States. Two funders have made this work possible. 

The next group of reporting projects include: voter suppression, reimagining public safety in America and healthcare disparities. The group will conduct their first virtual event on October 20 at 6 PM ET, dedicated to voter suppression. Funding is needed to make all of this possible. 

Contact Nancy Lane if you are interested in supporting this important work (nancy.lane@localmedia.org).